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We’re bringing something new to the industry. A flexible model, therapeutically-aligned teams, and dedicated resources in a transparent partnership. With instant access to world-class data and analytics that are critical in driving decisions throughout the drug development process.

Therapeutic Expertise

Having a team with expertise in your therapeutic area is crucial to the success of your clinical development program. You want a team that’s done it before – a team that understands the nuances of your therapeutic area and indication. We know the approach to finding patients in oncology is different than in dermatology. Understanding regulatory and approval pathways is an entirely different journey in pediatrics than it is for Alzheimer’s treatments. That’s why we ensure your study will be managed by a hand-selected team with experience specific to your phase and your indication.
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Clinical Solutions

IQVIA Biotech delivers solutions designed specifically to help you succeed. We are inspired by your ambition and dedication to finding innovative ways to get treatments to patients. Our team is dedicated to removing the complexities in your way. We do this by providing a transparent partnership, a superior level of quality and a deep commitment to each study, ultimately enabling you to deliver innovative solutions to those who need them most.
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Leadership Team

Biotech companies are driving the drug development pipeline, and when they succeed, we all succeed. I am inspired by the passion and dedication of the people behind these organizations. They deserve a partner who shares their drive to advance their novel therapy. We built this business unit to mirror our biotech customers – a flat, simple organizational structure, streamlined processes, and the right therapeutic expertise. Combined with the power of the IQVIA CORE™, we are able to drive efficiencies, gain insights and customize solutions to help our customers reach their next milestone and beyond.
Chris Giordano, President, IQVIA Biotech Clinical Solutions

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