Adopting Virtual Approaches in Oncology Trials
On-Demand Webinar

Webinar Summary

Cancer patients are among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sponsors and investigators managing oncology clinical trials have quickly embraced remote and virtual tools to keep patients safe and keep trials moving forward.   

Suddenly, what was 'risky' is now risk mitigation. And patients who traveled to research centers for trial visits are now seeing the trial come to them. Which is a good omen for improving patients' access to future oncology trials.  

Our experts will share:

  • Lessons learned from adapting ongoing oncology trials to the COVID-19 era
  • Criteria to identify which trials are suitable for virtual/hybrid, and which are not
  • Innovative and flexible approaches that improve the patient experience

Key Learnings

  • Discover insights from the adoption of remote and virtual trial tools during the COVID-19 pandemic that are now leading to more patient-centric oncology trials
  • Recognize practical solutions to reduce the operational risks of oncology trials while increasing patient safety
  • Evaluate options such as telemedicine and local imaging to improve the clinical trial experience for cancer patients, leading to improved recruitment and retention 


Cristina Oliva, MD
Vice President, Head of Oncology Center of Excellence, IQVIA

Cynthia Venendaal, PhD
Vice President, Clinical Operations, IQVIA Biotech

Robin Douglas
Senior Director and Virtual Trials Operations Head, IQVIA

Originally aired June 9, 2020