Trends and Insights for Your Oncology Trial: Considerations for biotech companies
On Demand Webinar

Webinar Summary

A record number of new oncology drugs have been approved in recent years, bringing new treatment options to patients. However, despite robust levels of pipeline activity, oncology trials are complex and remain a challenging area for research and development.

In this on-demand webinar to learn about trends shaping the development and delivery of cancer treatment worldwide. We will share insights and best practices to help ensure your future oncology trials are designed to be quick and efficient and yield high-quality data for the best chance of success. Our experts will address specific considerations for biotech companies embarking on oncology trials.

Key Learnings

  • Understand top trends driving change in oncology clinical development today and through 2023.
  • Recognize the impact of new therapies and care standards on trial planning and design.
  • Learn how to apply real world evidence to trial design, trial start-up, and trial conduct for more efficient and effective trials.

Originally Aired November 12, 2019