A Framework for Successful Biopharma Launches: Understanding the launch archetype and identifying critical success factors
On Demand Webinar

The product launch landscape has seen some significant shifts. The more complex distribution model, new product types, and increasing influence of payers are just a few of the factors creating a more challenging landscape for product launches. Emerging biopharma companies must decide if they will go it alone to launch their product or look for a partner who has experience and resources.

In this on-demand webinar, William McClellan and Maneesh Gupta will share a comprehensive analysis of drug launches to show how biopharma compare to large pharma launches, identify common launch archetypes based on market need and product differentiation, and share the framework to help you identify the archetype of your product and the critical success factors associated with that.

3 Key take-aways

  • Insights into how biopharma companies perform in today’s launch environment
  • Categories of launch archetypes and their correlation to first year revenues
  • How to recognize your archetype and the critical success factors for launch

Originally Aired August 1, 2018